15 Celebrity Women And Their Cars

on Jan, 10 2017 in Celebrities 23558 views

Ellen DeGeneres-Porsche

Between her cars and her wife, Porches and Portia are clearly important to the daytime talk show host.

Ellen has an affinity for Porsches. She has been seen driving a Porsche Targa 4S, a Porsche 993, and a Porsche Turbo S. When you know what you like, why should you go with a different brand?

The Porsche Turbo S alone costs at least $180,000. Ellen might not care about using her success to buy fancy clothes or shoes, but she appreciates a nice car.


Katy Perry-Audi

The “Roar” singer shows off her animal side in her sexy vehicle.

Katy Perry rocks out in her black Audi A5. Even though she drives a car that basically requests attention, she does not like to show it off as some other celebrities on this list.

Perry bought this car in 2009 and still uses it to cart herself around Los Angeles. The Audi A5 has a price tag of $50,000, which is a pretty sensible vehicle regarding celebrity cars.

Adriana Lima-Porsche

This Brazilian model treated herself with a Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid.

This car has an MSRP of $78,000, which means you need to be incredibly successful even in thinking about buying one. Luckily, Adriana Lima has cemented herself as one of the most successful models ever to work with Victoria’s Secret.


Nicki Minaj-Lamborghini

Nicki Minaj turned every girl’s dream of a Barbie car into reality.

Nicki Minaj’s style and musical prowess prove that she loves to stand out, which is why it was no surprise when she chose to paint her Lamborghini Aventador Barbie pink. The Aventador starts at $399,500, and it is clear that Ms Minaj invested a lot more than that into her one-of-a-kind vehicle.


Miley Cyrus-Maserati

Miley Cyrus might have crazy style when it comes to her clothes, but she appreciates a classy vehicle.

Miley Cyrus drives a Maserati Quattroporte. Starting at $100,000, this car combines a top-of-the-line engine with interior luxury that makes it one of the most sought-after vehicles in the world. The 23-year-old likes the driving experience a Maserati brings.

Cyrus’ Maserati was stolen in 2014 after a home invasion, but police were able to locate it within a few hours. Using evidence collected from the vehicle, they were able to find and arrest a young couple for the crime.