15 Hotties From The ’90s That Fell Off The Face Of The Earth

on Jan, 09 2017 in Celebrities 178008 views

#1. Shannon Elizabeth

No matter how hard you try (but why would you?), it’s hard to forget an actress like Shannon Elizabeth. Most remember Shannon from her portrayal of Nadia in teen flick, American Pie, where she very successfully seduced teen virgin, Jim (Jason Biggs). The beautiful actress also had small roles on ’90s TV shows like Step by Step, Hang Time and USA High, in addition to a handful of movies. While we see Shannon in movies time to time, we really don’t hear much about the actress. Believe it or not, Shannon spends a lot of her time as a professional poker player! She’s been playing poker as a second job for many years now, and even won 55,000 dollars at the 2005 World Series of Poker.

Today, Shannon still acts, and is currently working on the film, Swing Away set to come out in 2017. Hopefully we’ll keep seeing more of the gorgeous actress.


#2. Thora Birch

Is it just us, or did Thora Birch just disappear out of thin air– or at least from Hollywood? We watched Thora grow up on the big screen, from her roles in Hocus Pocus and Now and Then; to her admirable performances in films like American Beauty and Ghost World. But after the success of many films, Thora seemed to fall of the face of the planet. In 2002, Thora starred in a mini-series adapted from Liz Murray’s autobiography, Breaking Night, which ended up earning her an Emmy nomination.

In the last ten years, Thora has been low-key performing in movies, but is constantly overshadowed by some seriously weird behavior. While filming 2009’s Shadow of Broken Dreams (she plays a prostitute who gets convicted of murder), her father remained on set while she was performing a sex scene and reportedly shot her a thumbs up during it. Ew. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of the kind of drama she would continue to have on set of many of her projects, causing her to take a break for a while.

#3. Tatyana Ali

We all watched as Tatyana Ali grew into a young woman as Ashley Banks on our favorite ’90s sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. We couldn’t help but be impressed by Tatyana’s beautiful pipes when she decided to be a singer on the show– and in real life. While we can watch Tatyana play the adorable youngest daughter of the Banks family pretty much every evening on Nick at Night, we have absolutely no clue what happened to the actress. Unfortunately, after the ’90s, Tatyana’s acting career wasn’t as strong as she probably would have hoped. You may have caught her in the cult-classic, Jawbreaker or the popular procedural drama, Criminal Minds. The biggest reason she wasn’t spending much time on the small screen was probably because she was working hard to build her singing career. Today, we can see Tatyana randomly on daytime talk shows and of course, re-runs.


#4. Larisa Oleynik

Our crush on Larisa Oleynik started back in 1994 when she played a mysterious, witty teen on The Secret Life of Alex Mac. Watching a beautiful girl in a backwards hat that would randomly morph into a puddle really left an impact on us as young teens. We fell even more in love with Larisa after watching her play the role of popular teen, Bianca in 10 Things I Hate About You. While her character wasn’t allowed to date in the film, all we wanted to do was take the beautiful Bianca to prom!

What happened to Larisa since her days as a teen heartthrob, you ask? If you were one of the many people who were left confused after binge-watching Mad Men and not being able to place a name with the face of Ken Cosgrove’s wife, you were not alone. That’s right: Larisa played Mrs. Cosgrove on Mad Men, short haircut and all! We can also spot Larisa on Pretty Little Liars and other various films.


#5. Carmen Electra

If you spent the majority of your teen years in the ’90s, you more than likely had a poster–or five– of the sexy Carmen Electra on your wall. The actress/model shocked us with her short marriages to men like Dennis Rodman and Dave Navarro. Carmen Electra managed to make a career out of her sexy stare and incredible body– making her pretty hard to forget about. These days, you can catch Carmen on reality shows like E!’s Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. On her episode, she talked about feeling guilty about not being there for her mother as her career began to take off. Whether she’s posing half naked, or talking to dead relatives, we are definitely okay with seeing more and more of Carmen.