15 Of The Most Chilling Images Of Cults

on Mar, 10 2017 in WTF/OMG 6121 views
A cult is loosely defined as a small group of people who have a devotion to one leader or object. If you think about it this way, a lot of big religions begin to feel like a cult. The difference is, there’s usually a bit more nefarious activities taking place within a cult. Organized religion no doubt has its fair share of strange or immoral decisions, however, cults are known to take religious devotion to the extreme. Cults exist and operate everywhere around the world, and attempting to find all the cults and track their behavior is almost impossible. Many cults remain secretive so as to not expose their macabre practices.

Despite various cults’ attempts to remain out of the limelight, some are so strange or peculiar that they can’t help but expose themselves. Some cults we only hear about after they’ve vanished. What goes on in the brain of cult leaders and follows remain a mystery to those who function outside the group. It seems as though you would be able to tell if you were in a potentially dangerous cult, but to the members of the society, they feel as though we’re the strange ones. It’s challenging to figure out why tragedies around cults have to happen, but by learning about and studying behaviors that seem strange to us, we can begin to understand them.

Here are 15 Of The Most Chilling Images Taken Of Cults.