15 Things Everyone Should Know About Jeffrey Dean Morgan AKA Negan

on Jan, 10 2017 in Celebrities 64891 views

1. His previous manager dropped him as a client because she thought Jeffrey was too old!

The manager would regret that decision because the next day, Jeffrey landed a huge role on Supernatural.

And the parts kept coming in after that!


2. He co-owns a candy store with Paul Rudd. It's called Samuel's Sweet Shop and it's located in Rhinebeck, NY, if you ever want to go visit it!

What?! That's so random!

3. When he's not working, he goes back to his home in upstate New York to take care of his llamas and alpacas.

Their names are Wally, Tony, and Stella.


4. There's no denying that Jeffrey is one good-looking man. But have you ever noticed he looks like another celeb?

Jeffrey's said in interviews that he's had a ton of people come up to him and mistake him for Javier Bardem!


5. Jeffrey admitted that he purposely gets into fights with Andrew Lincoln on the set to get him to break character. But it's never serious!

"I really pick on him. I think the bigger reaction I can get off camera from him, if I can get him just screaming...then I know I'm doing my job," he said.