15 Things Everyone Should Know About Jeffrey Dean Morgan AKA Negan

on Jan, 10 2017 in Celebrities 64910 views

6. Jeffrey revealed that his character on Grey's Anatomy completely changed his life.

After playing Denny Duquette, he never had to audition for another role. And that includes his role as Negan!


7. At one point, Jeffrey was committed to losing 10 pounds for a role. He ended up losing 40 pounds because he ate one can of tuna a day.

I can't even imagine living life like that. ONLY eating tuna?!

8. Jeffrey's son, Augustus, is too young to watch The Walking Dead but he's already Negan's biggest fan!

Jeffrey said that August wears a Walking Dead backpack to school!

Augustus even dresses up as Negan!


9. Jeffrey met Hilarie Burton through Jensen Ackles, his friend, and Supernatural co-star.

Jensen set the two up on a blind date and they immediately hit it off!


10. It took about a week of lessons for him to learn the guitar for his role in P.S. I Love You.