16 Fascinating Facts About Drew Barrymore

on Jan, 10 2017 in Celebrities 20333 views

6. At age fourteen, Drew lived with famous rocker David Crosby and his wife for three months.

From an early age, Drew struggled with addiction issues and was in and out of rehab. When discussing Drew's stay at his home, Crosby said, "I didn't want to see her go down the tubes. She needed to be around some people that were committed to sobriety."


7. When Drew was just fifteen years old, she filed for and was awarded legal emancipation from her parents.

This would give her the same rights as an eighteen-year-old, and she subsequently moved to Los Angeles by herself.

8. Drew is a published author of multiple works.

When she was fifteen, Drew released a memoir entitled Little Girl Lost. In 2014, her photography book, Find It In Everything, was released and in 2015, she released a collection of autobiographical essays entitled Wildflower.


9. Drew briefly dated actor and musician Cory Feldman in 1989.

Here they are at the Academy Awards in that same year!


10. Drew was briefly married at age nineteen.

She married Los Angeles bar owner Jeremy Thomas after only six weeks of dating. They split two months later.