16 Things You Didn't Know About The Lovely Christina Applegate

on Jan, 10 2017 in Celebrities 190394 views

1. Christina's father is Robert Applegate, a record company executive, and her mother is well-known actress and singer Nancy Priddy.

Looks like she was pretty much destined for stardom.


2. Christina had her first acting gig when she was just three months old!

She appeared on the soap opera Days of Our Lives in the arms of her mother (who starred on the show!).

3. Christina made her first big film debut in 1979 when she was eight years old.

Her debut was in the horror film Jaws of Satan which also starred her mother! Looks like this mother/daughter duo was meant to work together.


4. At age 15, Christina was cast as Kelly Bundy in the hit sitcom Married With Children.

The show was wildly popular and lasted for a whopping 11 seasons.


5. When she was just 17 years old, Christina dropped out of school.

Here she is with Brad Pitt during that same year. The two were rumored to have dated back in the late '80s, but the relationship has never been confirmed.