30 Photos That Show The Hilarious Difference Between Men And Women.

on Jan, 10 2017 in Life Style/ Culture 59876 views

#1 The broken nail:

As if a little pain was not enough for her, she would now have to spare 1 hour from her busy schedule and pay $40 for her nail repairing. For men, it’s just a scratch that will fade without anyone noticing.


#2 Interest in the car they drive:

As long as it looks beautiful, clean, and drives well, women don’t normally care much about which type of car they own.

#3 Packing for a trip:

Packing causes stress to girls and women but the feeling of a holiday sounds very sweet, whereas for boys and men-- they're always on holiday.


#4 Body image:

A girl always thinks she looks fat, even if she is slim, whereas boys think they look pretty muscular and attractive, even if they are chubby.


#5 Getting a haircut:

He has completely new looks by spending just a few dollars, and she looks the same as before by spending at least $80 dollar in the parlor.