6 Funniest Things A Guy Says When He Is Caught Cheating

on Apr, 09 2017 in Relationships/Dating 4043 views
First of all, I can never wrap my head around the concept of ‘cheating’. You entered a relationship, willingly and declaring your undying love for your partner, yet the second that you meet someone else, instead of being responsible about it and ending your relationship with the first person before pursuing one with someone else, you decide to keep both (or more) of them.

The reason why this is so hard to comprehend is because even if the spark is no longer there and you feel like you’ll be happy with someone else (completely understandable till here) then why not just end the relationship when you feel like there’s nothing there for you anymore? Is there too much to lose? Well, by cheating, you’re losing all of that anyway along with any sense of dignity you have.

What follows are some of the classic things that men, in particular, have been known to say when they’re caught cheating: