8 Popular Beauty Myths — Finally Debunked

on Jan, 10 2017 in Fashion/Style 3764 views

If you pluck a gray hair, two will grow back

False!! This beauty myth is bogus. Plucking gray strands won't magically cause you to sprout new follicles. That said, there's no reason you should be plucking strands in the first place. Instead, James Corbett, color director of Clairol, recommends using Clairol Nice'n Easy Root Touch-Up to cover grays at the roots. Ready to go gray?


Oil causes breakouts

Yes and no. "While some oils can clog pores and cause blemishes, using the right non-comedogenic oils an actually deliver more beautiful, clear, hydrated skin," explains Indie Lee, beauty expert and founder of a natural skincare line. It's also important to note that stripping away too much natural oil can cause an imbalance that actually leads to breakouts. Your best bet? Opt for a non-comedogenic oil, like Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil.

Toothpaste shrinks pimples

False !! This beauty myth is all wrong. While menthol (a key ingredient is most formulas) can cool and calm inflammation, the other ingredients in toothpaste are likely to irritate breakouts. You're better off sticking with a topical treatment that has proven blemish-busting ingredients, such as salicylic acid or sulfur, or a natural remedy, like tea tree oil.


Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker

Razors get a bad rap. But there's no actual evidence to suggest that shaving effects hair growth or thickness—although it may feel that way. Here's why: Hair is widest at the base of the shaft. Shaving cuts it straight across at the widest part. So when hair begins to grow back—the stubble, if you will—it feels coarse and thick compared to the softer, thinner ends you shaved off.


Only dry skin needs moisturizer

Categorically false! Moisture is a requisite for a healthy complexion, no matter your skin type. Skipping moisturizer actually causes skin to overcompensate by overproducing sebum, or oil. The best way to balance an oily complexion is actually to moisturize. Opt for a lightweight, gel-based formula, like Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel or Tatcha Balanced Pore Perfecting Water Gel Moisturizer, which will hydrate without leaving your face looking or feeling greasy.