All Parents Can Relate To These Tweets

on Feb, 26 2017 in Funny 5700 views
Even through the sleepless nights and constant go-go-go, becoming a parent will always be the most incredible thing I've done.

BUT...and there's a "but" here...

It's tough.

For example, I have a teething 15-month-old boy and a sassy 3-year-old girl who are dead set on making my day as difficult as possible.

The other day, I attempted to carry out the simple task of getting my son a dose of Baby Advil, but in the 10 seconds it would have taken to accomplish this goal, I had to deal with an eye injury because my daughter stabbed herself with the corner of a Valentine's Day card.

When I asked if I could look at it, she screamed, "Go away!"

And that's just a 30-second snippet of my everyday life.

But as I always say, you just gotta laugh or you'll weep endlessly.