The Cast Of 'Scream': Then And Now

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No one that was a teen or young adult in the 90's can say they haven't heard of Scream. The slasher flick redefined and revived a dying horror genre that had long since flamed out in the late 80's. The movie spawned 3 sequels, a television series and countless parodies including the 'Scary Movie' franchise. Not bad for a cheesy slasher flick right? Check out what the stars of this groundbreaking film have been up to.


Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell was already a TV star from her role on Party of Five and had racked up a handful of other film and TV credits, including the movie The Craft earlier in 1996, when she starred in Scream as Sidney Prescott. Since then, she has appeared in such movies as 2000’s Panic and Robert Altman’s 2003 ballet drama The Company, in addition to all three Scream sequels. She has made appearances on such TV series as Medium, Grey’s Anatomy, and Mad Men, and had a major role in the fourth season of House of Cards earlier this year.

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox was two seasons into Friends when she starred in Scream as Gale Weathers. Since then, she played Monica Geller for eight more seasons of the beloved sitcom and returned as Gale in the three Scream sequels. She has appeared in over a dozen other movies, including 2005’s The Longest Yard, and most notably starred in six seasons of the sitcom Cougar Town. Cox made her feature directorial debut with 2014’s Just Before I Go.


David Arquette

David Arquette had a number of credits under his belt, including 1992’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie and 1995’s Wild Bill, when he played Deputy Dewey Riley. Since then, he has reprised his role in all three Scream sequels and picked up dozens more credits, in films including 1999’s Never Been Kissed and Courteney Cox’s directorial debut Just Before I Go in 2014. His TV credits include roles on In Case of Emergency and Pushing Daisies as well as appearances on Medium and Cougar Town, among others. After appearing in the wrestling movie Ready to Rumble in 2000, he competed in World Championship Wrestling, and became a one-time World Champion as part of a WCW storyline.


Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore was the Scream cast’s biggest box-office draw upon its release — which made it all the more shocking when her character, Casey Becker, was killed off at the very beginning. Barrymore first became famous when she starred in 1982’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial as a child. As an adult, her pre-Scream credits included 1992’s Poison Ivy, 1995’s Boys on the Side, and 1995’s Batman Forever. After she played Casey, she did a string of rom-coms, such as 1998’s The Wedding Singer and 1999’s Never Been Kissed, as well as starring in 1998’s girl-powered Cinderella story Ever After and 2000’s Charlie’s Angels. In the late ‘90s, she also launched Flower Films, through which she has produced many of her films. More recently, Barrymore starred in a 2009 TV movie adaptation of Grey Gardens; 2014’s Blended, which reunited her with frequent co-star Adam Sandler; and 2015’s Miss You Already.