The 8 Rules of texting WOMEN (Scary music playing the background)

on Nov, 04 2013 783714 views

#1: Using abbreviations


Abbreviations are a big no no in the rules of texting a woman. Things like (ily) instead of the old fashioned i love you. It shows lack of effort and interest , specially if you're trying hard to impress her remember never to abbreviate. Sure, keeping things casual is cool but face it boys, all a woman is looking for is a MAN and not some teen punk who needs a dictionary thrown at his face awkay?

#2: Mass texting


A woman can smell mass texting from a mile away. Boys! If you're a major player in the game of "women", COOL! Good for you! Just make sure you call her by the right name. No woman will settle for being called Jessica if her name is Elaine. Oops!

#3: Last minute invitations


The last thing a good woman needs is for a man to invite her over last minute through text. Think before you press that send button. It's been strongly suggested to leave at least a minimum of 3 days.

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